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The end to the chapter, but not the Book.

Nathan Bell founded the Home of Hope Orphanages in China close to 18 years ago. During that time, three Home of Hopes were opened: one in Gongyi, one in Xuzhou (administrated by Bob and Cindy Sayre) and one in Pingyu (administrated by Ben and Michelle Godard). Over 150 children have been helped together with all […]

Chinese New Year

Twas a time ‘AFTER’ Christmas

Days of Christmas past…. So Christmas has come and gone. How does one explain to small children the excitement felt leading up to the day….. then the day it’s self and now the days after it’s over? It’s so interesting watching the children express themselves in a million and one different ways… one little guy […]

Memories from the beginning!

Again, we Thank You so much for your love and willingness to sacrifice for these lovely children! Our prayer is that God will bless you abundantly in all you do

End of Summer

Well, here we are again… Summer is over, Fall is in the air and the children are already back in school including Saturdays and Sundays… (goodness!) … so those lovely days and nights of camping by the side of the lake are over for awhile! It seems that summer vacation from school is just a […]